Monday, March 22, 2010

The post has been removed since yours truly started the post for two purposes and meant it for the students and the alumni more than for the outsiders.

1. Separation of fact from fiction since we only put up such incidents that have been verified first hand.
2. To keep you updated on the latest happenings since our fight for justice has to continue. A lot of you might be tied up by classes and other preoccupations that you might not be able to follow on the inquiry.

The first purpose seems to have been fulfilled. Let us keep this matter private since it is our personal affair in the interest of the reputation of the college. This could affect those who intend to apply to foreign universities or even those aiming for IIMs. This matter should therefore remain private unless we feel that justice is not being served and deemed necessary to get external attention. Yours truly would therefore like to request that you join the google group mentioning your name, branch and batch in your request for membership. The membership will be approved as soon as the details are verified. Thank you for taking interest and fighting for the cause.

Sunday, March 21, 2010