Sunday, March 21, 2010


  1. It is very appalling to come to know the state of affairs our college administration has landed into. I am really sorry for the students directly affected by this mishandling by the admininistration. But then again this is no time to feel sorry for anything or anyone. I sincerely appeal to the students community there to please not relent to anything short of some revolutionary changes in the administrative structure of the college which has got totally corrupted over time. Please believe in yourself that you can bring about any change as far as it is justified.

  2. As an alumni, I was really pained when I came to know about the chief warden's inappropriate behaviour. It's sad that teachers whom we look up to could be involved in such beastly acts.
    Anyways, you guys have the support of the 2009 batch.Let me know if we could be of any help.

  3. Cmon guys...stand up and fight...If you dont fight for your one will come and help you..we as members of the alumni are always there to give you moral support...but action has to be taken by you guys....Take help from people like Rakesh Narain Sir...He was atleast a God Like figure during our time...Will definitely be of help....

    Deepanjan Deb
    MNNIT Batch of 2007

  4. What???????????? Is this MNNIT??? where is our director??? DD sir is absolutely right please approach rakesh narain sir and satish chand sir for help, can please also update us what is the official stand on this matter.
    Both of them should not just resign from post but should be removed from mnnit campus and the institute should file an FIR against both of them.
    Please let us know the proceedings whoever the blog owner is(by this blog or through email), i will try and gather all senior alumnis to talk to our director on this.

    Saket kandoi
    Class of 2009
    +91 9771490907

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  6. guys i really appreciate what you have been doing for justice. But i just request you not to lose hope and get tired. Next best thing you can do is talk again to the concerned profs for explanation and record their answers so that you can have a proof and take those guys straight to court.

  7. ma ch** do.... deewar pot do.... aur khoon se likh do KRANTI :)... This was for the guys/gals who dont get excited without swears :P :D

    And ya do keep us posted, I think Kandoi is the best person in this regard. :). Grab this opportunity and bring about some change!

  8. Its shocking to hear the state of affairs.Please act responsibly and restrain from taking any rash shall have our support

    '07 Trical

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  10. also just another advice...
    this is for all the non-alumni...
    please do not publicily follow the blog...

    PS We thank all the alumni for their encouragement and support...

  11. It is good to know that at least the authorities have given in to something.

    Don't give up on this endeavor, no one can just become a dictator and use force on innocent students like that, physical abuse and abusive language, it has gone too far! In fact I feel you all are asking for too little, I feel they should be removed from MNNIT itself. Anyways, lets see where this goes. Please don't give up on it.

    As your alumni I ask, if any help is required, please let us know, we will do everything in our hands to make sure justice is done.

    MNNIT Batch of 2009, CSE

  12. I would suggest one more thing, 6th Demand, that should be plan of action from the management like till what date all the action will be completed for example:

    Date on which students will get their confiscated items including laptops and mobile phones in good condition.

    this would help the management think more about the plan.

    the last suggestion: just keep ur head cool.

  13. The past few events have done more than taking actions against the bullying authorities :

    1) In general this became a platform where all the students got united irrespective of their years.
    2) This proved the administration that even if they have a lot of power (bieng a deemed university), they cant just do anythig against the students.
    3) This shows the amount of confidence the students have in their own faculty(even when the director asked the three people to resign,(a word from the faculty present their)students asked them to read the contents of the letter aloud.)
    4. The very reason for the above point came next in the form of penalizing students in the form of their jobs, campus placements, etc.(they always show their power) which weakens the trust of students in faculty.

  14. DO not, I repeat do not leave that warden without launching a FIR. He has no shame. He deserve a treatment. Guys you are now suppose to set an due course of time it will end autocratic behavior not only in your college but also many other institutes..

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  17. Throw the culprits out of the college.
    Those kind of people can never be a part of a professional institute like ours.
    Chatra Ekta Zindabad !
    Profs ki Tanashahi nahi chalegi !

  18. "This day showed that when the youth, the student community unites, come what may, they emerge victorious."

    "come what may, they emerge victorious" -> hints that a group of youth under one's control or influence is a great power, specially when the influencer acts in a subtle way.

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  20. Do not give up. Make a change. These teachers are not worth at all.

    -Anil K M
    tronix '06

  21. act rationally and peacefully but FIRMLY... all the best...

  22. Finally!!! something +ve for student part. I appreciate the kind of support coming from alumni ….

  23. Gosh....Cannot believe that. You people have taken the right stand. Should you need more help, count on us. The warden does not have a leg to stand. Take steps carefully and get this man removed from the warden's post.

    -Akash Kumar
    2007 Batch