Monday, March 22, 2010

The post has been removed since yours truly started the post for two purposes and meant it for the students and the alumni more than for the outsiders.

1. Separation of fact from fiction since we only put up such incidents that have been verified first hand.
2. To keep you updated on the latest happenings since our fight for justice has to continue. A lot of you might be tied up by classes and other preoccupations that you might not be able to follow on the inquiry.

The first purpose seems to have been fulfilled. Let us keep this matter private since it is our personal affair in the interest of the reputation of the college. This could affect those who intend to apply to foreign universities or even those aiming for IIMs. This matter should therefore remain private unless we feel that justice is not being served and deemed necessary to get external attention. Yours truly would therefore like to request that you join the google group mentioning your name, branch and batch in your request for membership. The membership will be approved as soon as the details are verified. Thank you for taking interest and fighting for the cause.


  1. This is utter doubt why our college reputation is going down everyday :(
    You guys handled the situation very well. I just hope this thing is never repeated. Also what is the problem with the teacher if the guys are going for a picnic. Before also both guys and gals used to go for picnics and who the hell is the college to even dictate terms on students...they shud know that all are adults!!
    Do keep us updated.

    Vivek prasad
    Alum '06

  2. Hats off to Dr Rakesh Narain, he's been pro-students even when we were in college. Some people are too old to change, people like A K Singh always been rough on students. Forcing him to resign would've hit him right in his eyes.
    Good job guys.

  3. Finally Whole matter was discussed in mp hall. Vind yadav (Chief warden ) and A k singh were suspended till enquiry commitee looks into the matter.

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  5. Thank you to all the students, especially the third years who were inspirational and seniors who have been pinging and calling, lending their support to the cause. DD's insight into the matter as he had experienced such an incident while he was here was helpful.

  6. Good that all you people stood up to the 'oppression'. People who fail to understand their limits should be told in such a way.
    I recall a similar incident when I was in second year (2005), TN Sharma slapped one final year guy, but then final year forced T N Sharma to resign from Chief warden's position
    I'll advise that this link is not transferred extensively, especially to non-alums, I mean its not good for the overall reputation of college, which is anyways not among the best in NITs, being from UP.

    Kamran Ahmad
    2007 batch

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  8. Thank you Kamran for you comment though I would bed to differ on the point of our NIT not being among the best. MNNIT is definitely among the best NITs and this sort of problem can pop up in any institute (has happened in IIT). What matters is how the institute responds to such an event not what 1 or 2 people do and how they respond.

  9. Don't misunderstand yaar, I am also a proud alumni of the college and consider it to be one of the best among NITS
    When I talked about not being the best, I said the reputation not the college itself.
    In few years you would also realize that aggravation, violence,uncivilized culture is considered extremely normal and is associated with UP guys by outsiders who don't have much knowledge

  10. Rakesh Narain Sir has handled the matter really well.He has always been known of helping the students in times of need.
    My only request is that you guys do not stop the revolution but make sure that the guilty are punished severely for the offense they have committed.
    The class of 2009 stands with you guys.
    Class of 2009 !

  11. Thank you jayesh for your support. The strike has been called off but that does'nt mean the revolution is over. It continues until the guilty is punished properly. Classes will commence but the demands have not been taken back. Everyone is waiting for justice.

  12. do continue the after class protests and talks everyday till matters are well sorted out.


  13. This is Rohin, NIT Hamirpur 2005 paas out. I would congratulate MNITians for resolving the incident amicably.
    In 2002 for similar incident violence broke out in our college in similar circumstances, and the college had to be closed for few months.
    Good to see this anarchist eye for an eye trend changing, and students using lawful means to present their concerns.
    Lets hope the same attitude is reflected in society at large when you students become part of it... Again well done and keep it up!!